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About the artist

Robert hails from southern Maryland, though he has called Philadelphia home for over a decade. Having discovered the impact of aesthetics early on through classic films and musicals of the 40’s and onward, his love for theatricality and storytelling became something of an obsession. He channeled this hunger for creative expression into various mediums, including singing, playing the trumpet, acting, and writing, before he finally found photography. A self-described lifelong student, he followed this passion to the collegiate level and graduated with honors and multiple distinctions from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

His wildly diverse interests include opera, anime, pop-culture, nature, and world mythologies. Visually, he counts the works of Richard Avedon, Rob Marshall, Michelangelo Caravaggio, Ricky Middlesworth, and Sølve Sundsbø among his major inspirations. These eclectic influences culminate in an impactful visual style that is markedly expressive, vibrant, and bold. A lover of art history, Robert’s work often combines elements of his commercial training with sensibilities that allude to his love of classical art.

Robert’s clients range from Olympians to pop stars, and most everywhere in between. His work has been featured nationally and internationally on billboards, television, and various publications, and this only the beginning for the young artist. As demand for his unique perspective increases, he is en route to becoming a world-class photographer, one dynamic image at a time.